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Free Resources In English

Did you know that foreign nationals visiting South Korea can get free interpretation services? Click here.

All about cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and all sorts of vehicles! Click here.

The latest in the entertainment world! Click here.

The latest about all sports! Click here.

Help for families with children affected by Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Cancer. Click here.
Important information on COVID-19 in more than 40  languages, click here.

100% free and fully illustrated Excel tutorial + 300 examples! Click here.

200+ Free tutorials at GCFGlobal.org, click here.  

Spanish Learning Made Easy! Click here.

Are you in the hunt for a job? Let CareerSource of Southwest Florida help you for greater success. Click here.

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Free resources in Haitian Creole 

Want to have an idea of what is being said in a foreign language? Click here. But if you are serious about it, come back here to get help from expert human native translators.

Bon jan videyo edikatif pou timoun, paran, ak pwofesè. Klike la a.

Prepare fanmi w pou katastwòf ak ijans. Klike la a.

10 bagay ou ka fè pou pwoteje tèt ou kont viris COVID-19 la. Klike la a.

Comprehensive important Health information in Haitian Creole. Click here.

For important info regarding COVID-19 in Haitian Creole, Click here.

Want to learn the Haitian Creole language and the culture? Go to the comprehensive site of Sweetcoconuts. Click here.

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Featuring Multilingual Literary and Cultural Work

What is Leetspeak? To learn more and use a translator for this obsucre internet language, click here.

An unusual poetic conversation with Edgard Allan Poe through his famous poem - "The Raven". Click here.

Come explore the fascinating literary and artistic world of Pascale Doxy! Click here.

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